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What do you guys think of a page where people can add their testimony on medical cannabis? We could do this in the forum but maybe if we had a place for this that was separate then we could build a database of testimonies to send to our reps.
Website Suggestions Bewellfarmer 24.01.2014 07:40
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#10 BigNick_USMC 2014-04-19 09:56
I would be willing to add my story in order to help educate others. I think it's a great idea because we need to first erase the whole "stoner" image and telling our own personal stories would help destroy that.
#9 green27614 2014-03-18 11:21
I for one suffer from neuropathy and just from using this in the last year I have found my symptoms are more manageable and less troublesome throughout my day. Although this has now put me in the sights of law enforcement after being arrested in late feb for manufacturing and a host of other standard charges that come along with this in NC.
+2 #8 Spudslaw 2014-03-03 11:57
I'll be happy to tell my story. Everyone should. It shows what type of people who we are or were before illness or injury and what medical marijuana has done or is doing for them. I am proud of my past, I'm at peace with the future and live life for what I have. I'm a happy supporter but ashamed at the same time. For the fact if people knew what type of backlash would my son have if I went public.
+1 #7 Stugotz 2014-03-03 11:31
please take the time to vote on this suggestion even if you will not be participating.

i am sure that we will get many others to post about this subject if it is accepted.
+2 #6 Stugotz 2014-02-21 18:19
anyone else want to vote this up for acceptance?

+1 #5 Stugotz 2014-02-16 15:16

agreed. Anyone can go to a website and get a list of strains that "help" with certain health issues. The major issue I see here is the original, or true IBL ( initial Blood Line) name of the first strains bred for many health issues.

We all know that today anyone that thinks they are a breeder or can cross two existing strains and give it a name ( to the seeds or clones)that originates from them that will be much different from the original blood line.

I.E. what I would call OG KUSH can be called many different other names from just the area, the breeder, or the end user itself.

This can cause strain confusing for many folks here so that may be something that will need refining or just given a "broad" description of indica's vs sativa's.

But the bottom line from all of this will be in the expression from posters on what helps and what works from them.

As far as the word "Cure" that is not a word that I would use with my descriptions as opposed to the word 'Manage". Telling people that this "cured' me is wide open to interpretation from us the public and the MSM. ( main stream media) this is why for most of what we may get posted from testimonials it may be better to use the word manage. But I know first hand that cannabis can "cure" many health issues and I do 100% believe in it's inherent ability to make massive positive good results, I just hope that meaningful posters don't get the two words mixed up.
+2 #4 Bewellfarmer 2014-02-16 13:44
Stu that is a little different than what I had in mind but I like it too. I was thinking more along the lines of cannabis has cured my PTSD or helps with these symptoms. I think we could do both.
+1 #3 Stugotz 2014-02-16 13:06
I agree with this idea.

I have been a Mod at a canna site for 9 years now, and on that forum, we have a "what works for you thread"
On this thread members take time to post about different strains, compounds, oils, and methods that they have discovered via self experience and observations from life that serve to control, ease, and remove certain health issues that they themselves have or that of friends and family.

They list the strain, how it is consumed ( smoked, vaped, ingested etc) and also the quantity in gram or oil weight.

We have found this information priceless to those that are looking to "target" a specific strain or combo of strain for what health issues they have. This saves them alot of time and money, as opposed to having to make the discovery's themselves via trial and error.

Indica's for pain and Sativa's for energy and alertness. This would make a great Data Base for the actual field use of cannabis and it's non marketed or hyped benefits that the every day person can associate with. Then you can send this data to the appropriate political associations that need to understand why we use and promote the use of cannabis as an alternative medicinal use that has roots of truth.

So This would be a great way to add a thread here and I would be very happy to Mod this section for you if you so desire.

+1 #2 Jason 2014-02-06 10:04
Fantastic idea.
+3 #1 FarmerGreen420 2014-01-29 21:47
That's a Great Idea! :-)

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