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The states of Washington & Colorado have decided cannabis has medical use along with a safety profile next to none. The studies done over the past twenty years in Israel indicate cannabis is a safe natural herb that balances the bodies systems by acting on the endocannabanoid system. Studies in the USA on the endocannabanoid system show it is a prime defender of the body. The endocannabanoid system repairs and protects the nervous system. THC receptors migrate to the injured spot to oversee the repair on the body by the immune system. The THC in cannabis works as a neuroprotector  by repairing damaged cells, protecting healthy cells , micromanaging the immune system and instructing the abnormal cells to self destruct. When the body is injured the injured spot calls to the endocannabanoid system to speed healing

The ability to cause a cell to self destruct (apoptosis) leads to the ability of cannabis to kill cancer cells. Research has indicated at least 70% of  all cancers respond to cannabis oil treatment. Radiation burns, losing all your hair and the nasty chemo treatments are not necessary for everyone with the proper use of cannabis oil extract.

Folks that suffer from MS find relief from the muscle spasms and pain. Since THC acts as a neuroprotectant most neurodegeneratative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s ,Lou Gehrig disease)  respond to cannabis oil extract therapy.  Sonja Gupta made news with his statement about cannabis and the use of cannabis extract to successfully treat kids with epilepsy.

The list of potential uses to ease suffering in the human race grows with each new study. Not bad for a herbal medicine you could grow and process yourself in your own back yard if it were legal. $10,000 cancer chemotherapy treatments should be saved for those cases medical cannabis fails to achieve the desired results.

Real cannabis is safer than the” bath salts” young folks use to get a “cannabis” like high. There are kids dying due to bad batches of “fake cannabis” yet the real thing is almost harmless. How can keeping some kids from getting high justify ignoring a safe non- toxic body balancing cancer cure? Help NCCPN make cannabis a safe and sane alternative for all people using cannabis medically or recreationally. Join the fight at;

Hi Folks,

I sure hope all of you had a great start to the New Year. I found out at Christmas I will be a grandfather in August so I am still smiling. The weather has been hard on me so far this winter like so many of you guys out there but time marches on.

The NAACP will be holding a “Moral March on Raleigh” Saturday February 8th with 9:30 am assemble time and a march from 10:30 am.I urge you to come on out and show support for NCCPN and the NAACP with your presence. There will be a very big crowd for you to blend in with if you desire. Members from the more than 125 North Carolina State Conference NAACP branches, youth councils, high school and college chapters from the four corners of the state and members and friends of over 150 other social justice organizations make up the “Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) People’s Assembly Coalition!” This demonstration was started in February 2007 with an annual date of the second Saturday in February. The first event had 3,500 folks show up and has grown larger ever since. I have asked wannabepainfree if he will be the liaison for NCCPN to the NAACP. His job is to be aware of the NAACP goings on and alert us when we can help out. He will be in charge of helping NCCPN gain position thru recognition of our shared goals with the NAACP & advising them on how we can help reach the goals that are set.

There are other organizations out there that would possibly benefit from our help. You guys might be a member of another organization out there that fights for cannabis law change in NC or even nationally. Our organizations will only be stronger if we work together. No one needs to give up their organizations goals, just work together toward the mutual goals that we share. If you know of a group that can help advance the cause of medical cannabis in NC please consider becoming the liaison to that group to help both groups coordinate activities for our mutual benefit.


WOW! Another year has come and gone and the progress on medical cannabis is hard to see here in North Carolina but progress is being made on several fronts. NCCPN and NORML are working together where possible. A new non-profit organization is being considered as a way to raise funds for our fight for Medical Cannabis in North Carolina. NCCPN has an answering machine on the dedicated phone line. NCCPN has a new fully modern website able to handle dispensing information to any computer platform out there. Our site will look great no matter how you view the internet. Our organization is evolving to meet the challenge of making medical cannabis legally available to anyone in need of this body balancing herb.

The future of Medical Cannabis cannot be assured without the support of the good citizens of NC. Our goal is to educate the folks of NC about medical & financial possibilities of Medical Cannabis. Our efforts hopefully will include a media campaign to alert folks of our cause and presence. We have plenty of support but people need a leader to follow. NCCPN is working to be that “leader” for cannabis law change in NC.

NCCPN wants medical cannabis to be readily available to anyone in need of the body balancing qualities of cannabis. My Doctor should be able to give me a “medical necessity” letter along with some recommendations on which plant will benefit me the most. I should be able to buy medical cannabis locally at a fair price and/or grow my own body balancing herb indoors or out without fear of police interference. Great health would be available to any and all. A medicine that balances your health instead of pharmaceuticals which push the body around to cover up the symptoms would benefit many folks.

NCCPN has done a lot to advance the cause of medical cannabis in NC and will continue to fight the good fight. We have the new website that is available on computers, tablets and smart phones to reach out to NC folks. Our forum is very informative with the latest news on medical cannabis. We have speakers available for clubs and organizations that want to know more about medical cannabis. We have a great street team in the Charlotte region that can travel to your area if needed. The creation of a financial arm to fund media campaigns will make all the difference in our visibility in NC. NCCPN is well positioned to move medical cannabis forward in the legislature during the next long session.

Medical cannabis will happen in NC sooner or later. Stand with NCCPN to show the legislature we want medical cannabis NOW!!!  Not later.

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