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We are asking a lot from you, our members, in our change of policy on the NCCPN website. Charging dues for the current website is not a great idea. I would feel better if the NCCPN website was kept up to date on various subjects. I envision a site where several aspects of medical marijuana like health, news from the free states etc. is kept updated. Current vital statistics from Legal States like Drunk driver arrests, crime rates, youth use and more. Who would do this great work to manage and arrange this information for us? How about members who are active on the computer anyway? They could donate their time instead of money to keep us updated with the latest in statistics, studies and law changes. Current information is essential in the fight to change unjust laws. Our members out on the street will benefit from the information when it is readily available. This information will need to be in its own area separate from the forum so it will not disappear off the front page. News articles with facts that help us when we meet marijuana opponents need to be archived in a special column for ready access so our members can brush up on the facts quickly and easily.

It will take a lot of money to change medical marijuana laws in NC and I do not expect to get it all from members. We need folks with good writing skills that could write grant proposals along with fundraising letters. One good letter on a crowd funding site asking for help from others might be a source of income. We hope to have another t-shirt design to choose from this fall and I will have a button maker soon to make custom buttons for a reasonable donation. We will continue to auction any items donated to NCCPN. Onsite advertising will be considered for an income stream also. There must be more but my mind fails me right now. Post some of your ideas when you can.


If we could make NCCPN the go to site for current information about medical marijuana in NC for more than just our members we will benefit.

Here is some info about being a chapter leader and the tasks you need to do for your rally. Most will stay the same but 10% of chapter donations idea will be up for discussion at the directors meeting.


Chapter Leader Duties

NCCPN Chapter leaders have the task of building a presence for NCCPN in your area of influence. Things that must be done to safely & legally hold a rally are the responsibility of the Chapter leader. Where or how you hold your rally will not be dictated by NCCPN or members of the board since there is no “one size fits all“ rally type. What works here might not work where you are located. Be inventive in getting the word out. The one permanent law for the rallies is you must present NCCPN to the public in a good positive fashion. NCCPN must not stifle innovation. That being said here are some things I have done to help move the idea of NCCPN into the public square for all to see in the Charlotte area. Some are suggestions and some are mandatory.

Chapter leaders need to be self-starters. Leaders might be asked to do tv, print and radio interviews. You can delegate this to a chapter member or your Vice President or President. Our aim is to fill every request the news media has for information about our group asap.

Chapter Leaders To Do List

Rally Prep.

It is the chapter leaders responsibility to pick out a suitable rally site. Things to look for in a rally site. Pedestrian traffic is always the best since you get to talk to folks 1 to 1 when you answer their questions. High car traffic with the speed we want is the slower the better. Intersections give you a captive audience when they stop at the light.

The chapter leader will need to check on and secure any needed permits. Public protest permits are sometimes needed but should be free.

The chapter leader sets the time and date for the rally. The rally should be posted in the activities section of the front page for all to see. Be sure to post on the forum about your rally after you set it up.

2 weeks before the rally the chapter leader should write a short script to post in any local newspaper, TV, and radio station events list for your area. Free local event oriented papers are a good place to post.

Have plenty of literature if you expect foot traffic along with your signs. For areas with just car traffic signs & banners are the way to go there. It is always good to have some handouts no matter where you set up. If you can set up an information table(constitutionally protected) where you have foot traffic be sure to set up a donation jar to fund your activities.

Have extra signs in case someone new comes up wanting to help. Folks will want to take a picture of you and your sign to post on social media. Participate if you can. The week before the rally post online again to remind interested members.

Rally Day

Try to be a little early to your rally. Greet and thank all that come out to the rally.

Take pictures of the rally. Be sure to ask your rally participants if they mind being in pictures posted online of the rally. If they will not show their face encourage them to put the sign in front of their face for the pictures. Pictures entice folks to join the fun.

After the Rally

Thank everyone that came out to make your rally a success. If you have a donation jar count the money and manage it the way that works best for you. 10% of your donations will go to NCCPN to help run our organization. Download your pictures and post on NCCPN. Post about the rally in the forum.

Take a day off then plan the next rally. Make adjustments to your plan where necessary but keep putting the good word out.

Chapter Donations

Donations to the chapter fund are to be used to further the goals of NCCPN in your Chapter area. 10% will go to the NCCPN general fund to assist in maintaining our presence on the web. The chapter fund can hold $500 to use for handouts and signs. Over $500 in donations in a chapter fund will be moved to the action fund for billboards etc. The chapter will be credited with funding whatever is decided for the money. If a chapter collects enough for a billboard they get to decide where the billboard is placed.

Now is the time to write your local newspaper and remind the readers Thom Tillis thought citizens calling, texting and emailing for a change to current cannabis law was harassment. Stam did not say these things on his own.  The move to squash HB84 was done at the direction of Speaker of the House Tillis.  Now Tillis wants more power & a say over bigger things affecting our life as a US Senator. Any man or woman who will play politics with sick folks does not deserve such an honor.

About now you are thinking “what can I do to help make this right” ? Talk to your friends and neighbors. Remind them how enough citizens called to make a difference on most other bills. We were said to be “harassing” our representatives. Speak of the epileptic children having to move to Colorado for relief for their child’s seizures with cannabis oil. Remind them about the injustice of the drug war, a war on American citizens. Talk on the medical uses and safety of medical cannabis.  Just be sure to explain how Thom Tillis had a big say in denying the good folks in NC the use of medical cannabis with the “harassment” report on HB84.

There are plenty other politicians out there that deserve our scorn and no vote. Indifference to the plight of people sick and/or in pain is not an acceptable trait in this voters opinion.

Can we really change the election results? We can if enough of you out there are willing to speak up for the good folks of North Carolina. Get out and vote. Take like minded folks with you to the polls. Now is the time to have a say in who represents you this coming few years. Due to low voter turnout your vote may be the one to put Thom Tillis and other despised politicians out of public service & back to private life where their indifference does not affect public policy or our life.

Hi Guys. The subject of money is always a touchy subject and even more here on NCCPN since almost all of us are sick to some degree. Most of what you see on the NCCPN website, t-shirts for sale etc have been provided by the private donations of individuals dedicated to the cause. However all good things must come to an end and NCCPN must become self-supporting.

How we become self supporting is what the user fees are all about. If NCCPN can reach the financial goal of self support from donations we will have no need for user fees. NCCPN is undergoing a transformation from a privately held organization to a board of directors that will make the decisions on how to move toward the goal of medical cannabis law change here in NC. Some will argue that we have only 1600 members so we have no chance against the paid lobbyist with a bundle of money in the state house. The CBD oil bill passed for some reason. But I bet the bill would have never been introduced if no one said anything. That is where we are at right now. We must keep up our cries for justice concerning medical cannabis. Our organization has been at the forefront of medical cannabis legislation in NC. Almost all medical cannabis bills considered by the House in Raleigh except the CBD hemp oil have been written by members of NCCPN. Where is NORML, ASA, or any of the other organizations promoting marijuana in general? They will take your dues but you rarely see them here.

We have a unique opportunity since we are the biggest player in NC. NCCPN might benefit from using some of the donations or fees for a membership drive. Hopefully we can attract a group of healthier folks that can get out and rally in their areas. When we have exposure over a wider part of NC we start being seen by more folks. We could find several ways to spread the word of medical cannabis but they all cost something. To move NCCPN forward will take cold hard cash.

Can you help out? A small recurring donation is a relatively painless way to help NCCPN out. For the cost of a candy bar or soda once a month you could be part of the solution. I set up my recurring donation of $5 a month through PayPal. All payments will be posted online at a regular interval along with an accounting of where your money is being spent or what your money is being saved up to purchase. We need to widen the influence of NCCPN to bring us to the attention of the general public of North Carolina. Folks will help when they know we are serious and will not fade away.

I understand not everyone has the ability to donate money but you might have the time and drive to help keep up an article base for the site. Item donations for auction will be counted in your favor. I want all of you to be able to participate if you so wish. Thanks for the read. I await your collective decision.

Hi Guys! Thanks to all our efforts North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network has grown quite a lot lately. Over 1600 members now choose to proudly associate with NCCPN and we are growing daily. Our strength is in numbers.  I was talking to Perry about the April 19thRally in Uptown Charlotte at Trade & Tryon Streets. We both feel this would be a great time to have an organizational meeting for NCCPN. We need the services of some dedicated folks to work as board members and folks to set up committees to help advance the cause of Medical Cannabis in North Carolina.

NCCPN needs your help!!! Come to Charlotte April 19that 11am and meet at Tavern on the Tracks ; 1411 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28203.

Know your way around a camera? Art your area of interest? How about research and layout for handouts? Can you volunteer to show up at a rally or two? We need the volunteer services of graphics designers, knowledgeable Camera/ video folks, advertising folks, folks for rallies. We need someone to enter email addresses into a address book. Telephone calls & letters to local news outlets is a job any activist could handle. We need folks in all areas of NC as we push for medical cannabis law change. There must be plenty other jobs I have not thought about yet. Let me know if your specialty might help our cause. Ideas are always welcome.

This is your chance to impact the process in a positive way for medical cannabis law change in North Carolina.

Come for the meeting, then have a blast at the rally 1 mile down the road.

Please RSVP here so the Bar & Grill can handle us.



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