First, I want to thank the all people who have contributed to our growth; unfortunately, computers don't count that you know who you a ...


NCCPN State Meeting 4/19

Hi Guys! Thanks to all our efforts North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network has grown quite a lot lately. Over 1600 members now choose to prou ...



Sorry about the late notice; should have given more notice (See the posts on front page about the radio program) I will be in the studio with K ...


GREAT NEWS ALERT; Constitutional Amendment

I have procrastinated for too long, but, it seems to have paid off. The headline above is exclusive to If you are a member, you should r ...


Medical Cannabis is Better Than .......

The states of Washington & Colorado have decided cannabis has medical use along with a safety profile next to none. The studies done over the p ...


NAACP Moral March on Raleigh

Hi Folks, I sure hope all of you had a great start to the New Year. I found out at Christmas I will be a grandfather in August so I am still sm ...



WOW! Another year has come and gone and the progress on medical cannabis is hard to see here in North Carolina but progress is being made ...



Wow, what a difference a year makes! The crushing rejection of HB 84 and the manner in which it happened with Paul Stam's 'unfavorable reco ...


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Write the Charlotte Observer and explain your disgust at the federal government for closing medical marijuana clinics in California. It was in the weekend edition. Letters to the editor count. If they get an overwhelming response on this article..they will print more news about our WAR..DO IT NOW!

I have been planning to provide a review of the legislative do you introduce a bill and follow it through passage. I will do that in the next update...

Meanwhile, the bad news is that I received a call from the speakers office to let me know that even if we met, it is not going to happen this year!

That said, we are the best positioned we have ever been for next year. I have heard rumors of giving up...."it ain't gonna happen".

I ask you to set back for a minute, take a deep breath and let your blood boil at the injustice. Then, take that boiling blood and funnel it into action. We have a plan and I will take the next update to lay it out.


#10 Beccie 2012-07-14 10:54
Perry thank you for the update. I do hope you are out of the hosp. and doing much better. give my best to the family. And I am in this fight for the long haul. No short timer here. through thick and thin.
Again thank you for all you are doing for this group and all patients. B
YOU GET MY KARMA for the day.
#9 perryp 2012-07-12 10:32
I know we need an update, look for it soon. We are on track to have a good year next year
#8 crash2203cb 2012-07-12 08:48
Thanks for the update perry I figured this was going to be said pisses me off also enough to say I am still around and I am in this fight for the long haul hope you are doing better stay out them hospitals they do more harm than good
#7 Jason 2012-07-12 07:30
So how can we put medical cannabis on a ballot so the voters of NC can vote for it
#6 Rasta Vision 2012-07-09 04:43
Perry are you doing better? What happened? Need anything call me!
#5 perryp 2012-07-07 17:42
Had an overnight stay in Moore Reg hospital for observation day before yesterday. Feel good today but really had a bad experience at local hosp.
Had been told before, but I am now a believer..Moore is the only option except in immediate death threat for me. Moore later..and no, not a chance of giving up.period.
#4 Jason 2012-07-05 07:57
In it till the END!!! :-)
#3 kjsddasa 2012-07-03 15:01
Standing strong for our cause!
#2 jrhodes59 2012-07-03 08:21
i will never give up
#1 roscoe420 2012-07-02 12:54
Thank you!! Lets NOT give up the fight!!! Always look for a greener future.

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