House Committee on Judiciary I votes HB 78 as Unfavorable

On Wednesday, House Judiciary members voted unanimously to kill proposed legislation, HB 78: The Enact Medical Cannabis Act. The measure – which was supported by some 70 percent of the state’s population, according to a January 2015 Public Policy Polling survey – would have allowed for qualified patients to grow personal use supplies of cannabis or to obtain it from a state-licensed dispensary.  We are looking into all of our options moving forward.

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I regret that the trip planned for Bryson City had to be postponed, but it was necessary for a couple of reasons.

First, the NCDP will meet on Saturday morning (16th) That meeting, which WILL consider our resolution and how it affects veterans and other patients, will be followed by the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner that evening; an annual event. It is attended by the Governor, her staff (the Council of State), and elected party leaders plus elected county party leaders from all 100 NC Counties.

What is special this year, in addition to having our resolution in support of the medical cannabis act distributed to "ALL ELECTED LEADERS" in the NC State Government, is that we will have a table at the dinner reserved for NCCPN. We have 8 seats; includes a really good dinner and top notch entertainment (although it is usually politically related). So far, we have 4 seats taken by members. Please, if you would like to attend this dinner, call me ASAP. I have to give names of attendees. First four..unless we get more donations.

As for our pay-pal account, we have $500+. Don't remember the exact amount, but the only way to do this by the book is for me to make a donation in my name to honor nccpn. Non-profits are not permitted to make donations to campaigns. This is not a is to pay for name recognition and to support our cause. Those making recent (last couple of days) have indicated to me that they approve. I Will purchase the table and expense to nccpn. Report with photos later. Also, we are being supported by an equal donation from the NCCIA. (North Carolina Cannabis Industry Association; Incorporated by the Secretary of State)

The second byline is for next Tuesday, Jun 12. The NC Harm Reduction folks have scheduled the Legislative Auditorium for a three hour meeting. It will include a session on Drug Policy. I will attend to speak about nccpn. I encourage anyone who can attend to go to their website and register. Several politicians have already responded.

On June 13, I have been asked by DPA (Drug Policy Alliance; founded by Ethan Nadelman) to meet with two of their representatives the following day. We must be making progress..they usually show up for the press conferences. Actually, I am excited since they are the national spokespersons for this issue.They will attend the meeting on June 12.

I have probably left out something, but want to post this. Please comment.








#9 Kevin 2012-06-15 10:16
awesome perry so glad you are here for nccpn and all who request for medical cannabis acts my prayers are with you each day thanks for your work.
#8 perryp 2012-06-13 22:58
Thanks Beccie,
glad to see the traffic on all pages. I often miss the daily comments and chat but try and keep up with much.
+1 #7 Beccie 2012-06-13 10:44
I think this would be a great post on the topics of discussion page. I think if more people knew what was going on they would understand why some people are missing from the discussions page and chat for that matter. I will see if I can cut and paste the letter from Perry, so there can be more comments and maybe some more people to show up to the events. It is important to me that people understand what is going on at this time and how important it is to the patients of NC and those who read the discussions page and go no further. Just sayin... Good luck Perry and those of you who are attending these events. They are super important to all of us trying to get our meds. Thank you. B Hey happy days, I have learned to cut and paste and it is now on the discussions page. yeah me. lol
+2 #6 St.Bridgets 2012-06-12 19:19
For those who want the web address for NCCIA Inc.
#5 perryp 2012-06-08 11:48
naph, don't think they have a site yet..linked in has a link to them. It is a group that stands ready to help in any capacity when the bill becomes law
+1 #4 naphtali5725 2012-06-08 11:00
Hey Perry,

What is the website for the North Carolina Cannabis Industry Association

i couldn't find it on the net...

hope all is well
#3 perryp 2012-06-08 10:00
R U talking about the 12th or the dinner on the 16th
+4 #2 Rasta Vision 2012-06-06 03:45
Thank You so much for what you are doing Perry.
+4 #1 Bewellfarmer 2012-06-05 21:26
Wow! Going to be a very busy week! Good luck Perry!

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