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Home Grow

First, and most important is the concept of the home grow. There appears to be no licensing fees other than the $10.00 registration card requirement accompanied by a physicians recommendation. This item must remain intact in order to obtain NCCPN support for this initiative.

Adequate Supply

There is some confusion as to the definition of adequate supply. The legislative findings section states that based upon the government IND program, typical annual use is accepted by the government to be 6.5 pounds of flower and bud. The same section references the 1992 DEA published report stating that 250 square feet of cannabis cover will produce 6 pounds of usable product.

From the definitions section:

  1. adequately supply for a home grow is defined as "an amount that does not exceed what is reasonably necessary to assure the uninterrupted availability of cannabis for a period of three months."
  2. which deals with cannabis to be inhaled and an adequate supply is defined as "not more than 24 ounces of cannabis."
  3. also states: The term (adequate supply) also includes a garden cultivated by the qualified patient or the qualified patients designated caregiver of not more than 250 square feet of total garden canopy of mature female cannabis plants.....
  4. of the same section also states that for a patient for whom a delivery method other than inhalation of cannabis vapor or smoking has been recommended by the patients physician "adequate supply" means a garden of cannabis cultivated by the qualified patient of a size reasonably necessary to assure the uninterrupted availability of cannabis for a period of three months.

A landrace sativa grown outdoors is a ten month experience.  Then there is a minimum three month cure.  If a qualified patient is to provide for his allotment of 6 pounds per year grown outdoors he will be under limits until maturation and then over limit until he smokes 4.5 pounds.  

This is overly complex, unnecessary, and possibly illegal. The qualifications defined in the affirmative defense section of HB 185 should apply.   It states that, if you can prove your need for medical cannabis as defined in this Article and you have operated within the guidelines defined by this Article the quantity grown is irrelevant. Amounts only become relevant and able to be regulated by the government if and when there is a sale.

NCCPN support for HB 185 depends upon home grow provisions remaining intact.
NCCPN objects to laws restricting  the amount of medications patients are allowed. This is between a doctor and a patient.

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