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As some of you know, I have been absent from the website for several weeks. I would describe it as colleratal damage from the war on drugs; and it has been mentally and physically draining. I have spoken with Tom Harper and he has had problems also. As a result, things got dropped and people responded by dropping out or resigning duties or both. I apologize for the lack of leadership and some of the decisions made. If it were possible, I would chose the "reset to an earlier date" which microsoft offers.

During this time, I missed an opportunity to join Todd and other members of NC Freedom Fighters in their march against fear..especially for the final march into Raleigh. I had every interntion of going but didn't and I hate having missed the opportunity. My pledge to help in anyway I can in the future.

I ofter miscommunicate, as my wife says. Apparently, she is right some times. I hope you, visitors and guests alike will take the lead in doing what we must to get ready for next January. At that time, we expect to have a new District Attorney in Buncombe County (Ben Scales) and a new bill ready.

For those unable to attend the Seminar presented at the Charlotte Sheraton (Airport) this past Sunday, you missed a great event. Another is planned later and I hope you will look for Cannabis Professional University (CPU) in Raleigh when they post the event. Along with the presenters, Rep Kelly Alexander joined us at Lunch time and gave an update on Legislative affairs and the change in attitude of several members lately. He says our chances have improved greatly and given the false promises of the "CBD Oil" bill put forward by Rep McElrath, he believes the talk generated by it will be helpful in the future attempt.

I have spoken to Tom and am assuming President duties until we can have a meeting to see where we go from here. If you have ideas or want to help us make nccpn more revelant (or anyother plans to help the cause), comment below.


#6 skootercat 2014-09-10 07:08
Does anyone in the group have a handle on media outreach?

I am curious to know if there is an effort to produce public access (PATV) or leased access TV programming for television in NC for reform?
#5 naphtali5725 2014-08-10 09:13
one more thing... you mention having a new bill ready...

have you asked the reps who opposed the other bills, what exactly they didn't like about them? and did you take their feedback and make changes that they would support and accept in the new bill?

has rep Alexander queried his colleagues on what changes they would accept in a new bill, to satisfy their concerns?

has he asked his colleagues what other states bills most closely addresses their concerns so NC can use those to draft the new bill so they feel comfortable supporting it?

has Alexander and nccpn proposed the following?
mandatory fees for license to use cannabis? discount for veterans, and seniors?
absolutely no cannabis license if you don't have a valid NC driver license?
how long do you need to be a resident of NC to be eligible for a license?
fees for mandatory fire department/fire marshal inspections for grow areas?
mandatory requirements for secured grow spaces to keep kids out? inspections by sheriff/police? fees?
mandatory clearly marked locked boxes for transport of cannabis in vehicles?
punishments/fees for any violations?
possible regulation by ABC stores?
taxes, taxes, and more taxes? and anything else that may appease the other reps fears about medical cannabis use that they would consider supporting

anyone else feel free to chime in
#4 naphtali5725 2014-08-10 08:53
Perry, can you fill us in on what all rep Alexander had to say? like in detail detail detail? what legislative details? what do his colleagues say? does he have any specific recommendations?
what about nccpn's lawyer, what does he say?
what about ben scales DA race? what are the chances of that?

we're in the dark about a lot of things, but i keep seeing posts that really have no information details in them...

the last updates for these... they're a few months old...
last post to Facebook looks like in june...
medical director column last post - june 05
presidents column last post july 09
veterans outreach column last post - march 30
#3 naphtali5725 2014-08-10 08:15
here it is...

ask rep Alexander for a list of all the other reps Facebook and twitter accounts. ask him and your lawyer if there are any legal concerns for posting messages to them so nccpn can start posting to them... this can be done by the webmaster here in an automated fashion.
need to send to their email as well, as long as it won't be considered spam (ask the lawyer)
the posts need to be professional and stick to just a few points like a news feed,(quotes from sanjay gupta, names of reps or other officials that are sympathetic with the cause etc. etc.) they need to be NC specific... and cannot be harassing.

these can be posted to all the NC news station twitter/faceboo k pages as well.
send them to the mayors of every town, and county officials
so many ways to get this message out to north carolinians, i have no idea why nccpn has not capitalized on social media
#2 perryp 2014-08-09 10:00
Can you help?
#1 naphtali5725 2014-08-08 08:07

posting daily to all the representatives Facebook/Twitte r accounts, so all their followers can see what the voters want/expect. otherwise, if we don't fully leverage social media we'll never get the message out...
ask Kelly Alexander about that

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