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We are asking a lot from you, our members, in our change of policy on the NCCPN website. Charging dues for the current website is not a great idea. I would feel better if the NCCPN website was kept up to date on various subjects. I envision a site where several aspects of medical marijuana like health, news from the free states etc. is kept updated. Current vital statistics from Legal States like Drunk driver arrests, crime rates, youth use and more. Who would do this great work to manage and arrange this information for us? How about members who are active on the computer anyway? They could donate their time instead of money to keep us updated with the latest in statistics, studies and law changes. Current information is essential in the fight to change unjust laws. Our members out on the street will benefit from the information when it is readily available. This information will need to be in its own area separate from the forum so it will not disappear off the front page. News articles with facts that help us when we meet marijuana opponents need to be archived in a special column for ready access so our members can brush up on the facts quickly and easily.

It will take a lot of money to change medical marijuana laws in NC and I do not expect to get it all from members. We need folks with good writing skills that could write grant proposals along with fundraising letters. One good letter on a crowd funding site asking for help from others might be a source of income. We hope to have another t-shirt design to choose from this fall and I will have a button maker soon to make custom buttons for a reasonable donation. We will continue to auction any items donated to NCCPN. Onsite advertising will be considered for an income stream also. There must be more but my mind fails me right now. Post some of your ideas when you can.


If we could make NCCPN the go to site for current information about medical marijuana in NC for more than just our members we will benefit.


#5 skootercat 2015-01-09 11:10
Caswell. My NC roots include Duke in the 70's and the desire to one day retire here. Built a home a few years ago and now trying to get out of NJ full time.
Funny, I know people in the past year that have been accepted into the NJ program within weeks, primarily because of all the more recent bad press about exclusion. A program like this should be measured by how many it helps, not keeps away. I am sure you know the price structure and the phoney "nobody wants this program" Christie bellows in his march toward Pennsylvania Avenue.
Marinol has worked effectively for only a few patients I have spoken with this past decade.
PhillyNORML seems somewhat more out front than NJ. Like most NORML groups, it's primarily legal referral and then activism. Not everywhere. I am thankful they have the legal end covered. Too many times I have seen defendants face drug charges with a lawyer that has too little criminal defense experience.
Friday is good. We seemed to have passed the single digit temperatures for now. Stay well.
#4 angryladyfarmer 2015-01-09 09:41
I'm in Union County, how bout you? I was in Anson County while we searched for the perfect farm, which we found! And we moved here over Christmas.
I have endometriosis and my pain doc in NJ Dr. Fani Thompson, saw me about 3 times, tried a bunch of different things and suggested the marijuana program to me. I was set up within a day and 7 months later I still didn't get a call! I did get a call about a year later, but I was here in NC already.
I too was taking marinol, but it really killed my stomach. I've been involved in NORML in Philly when I lived there, but my condition is bad to the point where meetings/social stuff, just isn't in my wheelhouse very frequently.
I do support when I can, I have donated money in the past as well. I'd love to go to a march or ralley, but again I'm usually too sick for travel.
I've never had a doc that wasn't on board w/ my marijuana use. I'm sorry for your oncologist. I'm honest about using it as well, and I've had doctors tell me to keep doing it if I can.
I took marinol for my appetite. I can get very sick and lose weight super fast. On Marinol it seemed like the world was made of jelly beans. But then it would hit my stomach and ugh...
Hope this Friday finds you feeling well.
#3 skootercat 2015-01-08 14:10
I am in NC. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for the NJ medical program, something not uncommon as you probably know. So many in NJ cannot qualify when they would be welcomed in any other state recommending plant cannabis for medical use. I am a cancer survivor with diabetic complications and prescribed Marinol. Did not work for me when cannabis does. My oncologist eyeballs the floor each time we speak of cannabis efficacy.
Good luck in your search. Seems like a similar problem here in NC with access and a confused legislature.
Were you a member of the Coalition for Med. Marijuana NJ? NORMLNJ? The need for patients and rec-weed reformers in NC to get together on this issue and confront those with no answers for our current situation. We must have motivated numbers.
#2 angryladyfarmer 2015-01-08 10:12
Skooter cat. I too am a NJ card holder now in NC. If I could make the decision again I'm not sure if I'd leave. Just as I unpacked here I got the call for the appointment but I'm clearly not going to drive back and forth. I'm not healthy enough. And finding someone to trust for my medicinal needs is impossible. I'm taking more pills than ever, all prescribed by a doctor. I'm too sick to even really go "find" any herbs. I thought about using the darknet. Anyway. Are you here in NC yet? What is your ailment that leads you to use Medical Mariji?
+1 #1 skootercat 2014-09-10 07:21
I currently live in a medical marijuana state, the most restrictive, New Jersey, and plan a move to NC. Currently, we are working to make video for PATV (public access) and the internet. Also, we have a bill proposal for legalization awaiting Gov. Chris Christie's ascension or his downfall.

I am sure you've thought to include the rec-weed people in this fight? CO and WA have medical access for all patients because of legalization.

If there are video people out there that want to work to put the issue on TV told our way, please respond to my post and let's see what up.

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