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Here is some info about being a chapter leader and the tasks you need to do for your rally. Most will stay the same but 10% of chapter donations idea will be up for discussion at the directors meeting.


Chapter Leader Duties

NCCPN Chapter leaders have the task of building a presence for NCCPN in your area of influence. Things that must be done to safely & legally hold a rally are the responsibility of the Chapter leader. Where or how you hold your rally will not be dictated by NCCPN or members of the board since there is no “one size fits all“ rally type. What works here might not work where you are located. Be inventive in getting the word out. The one permanent law for the rallies is you must present NCCPN to the public in a good positive fashion. NCCPN must not stifle innovation. That being said here are some things I have done to help move the idea of NCCPN into the public square for all to see in the Charlotte area. Some are suggestions and some are mandatory.

Chapter leaders need to be self-starters. Leaders might be asked to do tv, print and radio interviews. You can delegate this to a chapter member or your Vice President or President. Our aim is to fill every request the news media has for information about our group asap.

Chapter Leaders To Do List

Rally Prep.

It is the chapter leaders responsibility to pick out a suitable rally site. Things to look for in a rally site. Pedestrian traffic is always the best since you get to talk to folks 1 to 1 when you answer their questions. High car traffic with the speed we want is the slower the better. Intersections give you a captive audience when they stop at the light.

The chapter leader will need to check on and secure any needed permits. Public protest permits are sometimes needed but should be free.

The chapter leader sets the time and date for the rally. The rally should be posted in the activities section of the front page for all to see. Be sure to post on the forum about your rally after you set it up.

2 weeks before the rally the chapter leader should write a short script to post in any local newspaper, TV, and radio station events list for your area. Free local event oriented papers are a good place to post.

Have plenty of literature if you expect foot traffic along with your signs. For areas with just car traffic signs & banners are the way to go there. It is always good to have some handouts no matter where you set up. If you can set up an information table(constitutionally protected) where you have foot traffic be sure to set up a donation jar to fund your activities.

Have extra signs in case someone new comes up wanting to help. Folks will want to take a picture of you and your sign to post on social media. Participate if you can. The week before the rally post online again to remind interested members.

Rally Day

Try to be a little early to your rally. Greet and thank all that come out to the rally.

Take pictures of the rally. Be sure to ask your rally participants if they mind being in pictures posted online of the rally. If they will not show their face encourage them to put the sign in front of their face for the pictures. Pictures entice folks to join the fun.

After the Rally

Thank everyone that came out to make your rally a success. If you have a donation jar count the money and manage it the way that works best for you. 10% of your donations will go to NCCPN to help run our organization. Download your pictures and post on NCCPN. Post about the rally in the forum.

Take a day off then plan the next rally. Make adjustments to your plan where necessary but keep putting the good word out.

Chapter Donations

Donations to the chapter fund are to be used to further the goals of NCCPN in your Chapter area. 10% will go to the NCCPN general fund to assist in maintaining our presence on the web. The chapter fund can hold $500 to use for handouts and signs. Over $500 in donations in a chapter fund will be moved to the action fund for billboards etc. The chapter will be credited with funding whatever is decided for the money. If a chapter collects enough for a billboard they get to decide where the billboard is placed.

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