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Hi Guys. The subject of money is always a touchy subject and even more here on NCCPN since almost all of us are sick to some degree. Most of what you see on the NCCPN website, t-shirts for sale etc have been provided by the private donations of individuals dedicated to the cause. However all good things must come to an end and NCCPN must become self-supporting.

How we become self supporting is what the user fees are all about. If NCCPN can reach the financial goal of self support from donations we will have no need for user fees. NCCPN is undergoing a transformation from a privately held organization to a board of directors that will make the decisions on how to move toward the goal of medical cannabis law change here in NC. Some will argue that we have only 1600 members so we have no chance against the paid lobbyist with a bundle of money in the state house. The CBD oil bill passed for some reason. But I bet the bill would have never been introduced if no one said anything. That is where we are at right now. We must keep up our cries for justice concerning medical cannabis. Our organization has been at the forefront of medical cannabis legislation in NC. Almost all medical cannabis bills considered by the House in Raleigh except the CBD hemp oil have been written by members of NCCPN. Where is NORML, ASA, or any of the other organizations promoting marijuana in general? They will take your dues but you rarely see them here.

We have a unique opportunity since we are the biggest player in NC. NCCPN might benefit from using some of the donations or fees for a membership drive. Hopefully we can attract a group of healthier folks that can get out and rally in their areas. When we have exposure over a wider part of NC we start being seen by more folks. We could find several ways to spread the word of medical cannabis but they all cost something. To move NCCPN forward will take cold hard cash.

Can you help out? A small recurring donation is a relatively painless way to help NCCPN out. For the cost of a candy bar or soda once a month you could be part of the solution. I set up my recurring donation of $5 a month through PayPal. All payments will be posted online at a regular interval along with an accounting of where your money is being spent or what your money is being saved up to purchase. We need to widen the influence of NCCPN to bring us to the attention of the general public of North Carolina. Folks will help when they know we are serious and will not fade away.

I understand not everyone has the ability to donate money but you might have the time and drive to help keep up an article base for the site. Item donations for auction will be counted in your favor. I want all of you to be able to participate if you so wish. Thanks for the read. I await your collective decision.


#2 carolinatom 2014-07-09 10:15
If you really want to help become a chapter leader and you have a vote. The money transfer fee is pretty universal so PayPal is not the only one taking a chunk when you use them. Credit cards, debit cards, checks and money orders all cost something when you use them. We will have a place to mail a donation soon but I do not advise mailing cash but you can if you want.
#1 Airman 2014-07-07 17:12
I would pay an annual membership but think it should not be mandatory.
Also it was mentioned before by someone wiser than me on the topic that paying monthly isn't feasible money wise for nccpn because of the paypal service fee attached.
Maybe for paying members there could be a little green cannabis leaf next to their avatar. Different colors for different membership payment levels or something. Maybe with one level the member gets a sticker and a higher level gets you a t-shirt each year with your payment. Maybe once a month, quarter or year have a thread with a voting option of how something will be spent. Money for an ad in some papers or a billboard and vote on which idea they like best
I'm just spit balling here:
$0/year= Basic membership
$12/year= 2nd tier membership, ability to vote
$24/year= 3rd tier membership, ability to vote, get a sticker
$48/year= Top tier membership, ability to vote, get a sticker and t-shirt

I'd strongly support something like this.

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