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Now is the time to write your local newspaper and remind the readers Thom Tillis thought citizens calling, texting and emailing for a change to current cannabis law was harassment. Stam did not say these things on his own.  The move to squash HB84 was done at the direction of Speaker of the House Tillis.  Now Tillis wants more power & a say over bigger things affecting our life as a US Senator. Any man or woman who will play politics with sick folks does not deserve such an honor.

About now you are thinking “what can I do to help make this right” ? Talk to your friends and neighbors. Remind them how enough citizens called to make a difference on most other bills. We were said to be “harassing” our representatives. Speak of the epileptic children having to move to Colorado for relief for their child’s seizures with cannabis oil. Remind them about the injustice of the drug war, a war on American citizens. Talk on the medical uses and safety of medical cannabis.  Just be sure to explain how Thom Tillis had a big say in denying the good folks in NC the use of medical cannabis with the “harassment” report on HB84.

There are plenty other politicians out there that deserve our scorn and no vote. Indifference to the plight of people sick and/or in pain is not an acceptable trait in this voters opinion.

Can we really change the election results? We can if enough of you out there are willing to speak up for the good folks of North Carolina. Get out and vote. Take like minded folks with you to the polls. Now is the time to have a say in who represents you this coming few years. Due to low voter turnout your vote may be the one to put Thom Tillis and other despised politicians out of public service & back to private life where their indifference does not affect public policy or our life.


#2 spenser1 2016-04-23 12:25
Come on NC. I need MJ to control the amount of epileptic seizures that I have. CBD oil does nothing. We're considering moving to a state where it is legal. NC is beautiful but, my health is more important
+3 #1 green27614 2014-04-29 06:12
My question is simple...WHO in Nc legislative branches DO SUPPORT hsb84? I see all the talk about who doesn't but it seems that politicians find this more of an annoyance than an issue and don't have the guts to publicize their position. This begs the question..whodo es support this cause?
It's time to remove the good ole boys club bible thumping fuddy duddys from power.

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