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Sorry about the late notice; should have given more notice (See the posts on front page about the radio program)

I will be in the studio with Kelly and Liz Gorman will be on phone from Denver where she moved to get treatment for her daughter (Sanjay Gupta Program). Kevin taped his interview before leaving for Hawaii last Wednesday. The show is podcast and if you know the drill for watching or listening..I believe anyway.

You can go to WFAE webpage for more info on Charlotte Talks. Also, other media will fb, twitter, etc.

Join us..We are over 1600 members now!!!!!!!!!!


#1 Codynickoles 2014-12-12 18:49
Please help!!!! A disabled vet that has been charged with manufacturing canibus. I use it for my severe headachs and my anxiety. I have never been in trouble before and I'm have never been in trouble. I haven't been convicted yet and I live in florence South Carolina. I am scared what they are going to do and that I might lose all my benifits. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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