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Cannabis is a body balancing herb. If we claim it to be medicine the hoops and hurdles that will be erected to the access to medical cannabis will be set in place to strangle the whole idea of medical use of cannabis. I wonder how many of those medical cannabis states were done with state ballot processes. Possibly they had a legislature smart enough to learn new tricks. We in North Carolina Have neither. There is no other way to get a bill considered except thru the channels the government controls. NCCPN MUST become involved with the political process in order to reach the goal of  growing our own herbal medicine. As things keep evolving on the political side of our quest we must decide and set our self to the hateful task of speaking to " the anointed Lawmaker" of your area. Try to get out to the local meetings . Leave your stash at home. Do not look "high". Tell them your reasons for using cannabis medically. Ask the room for a show of hands for and against medical cannabis. Then ask your representative about his stance for or against cannabis.  Nothing more complicated than that. Go for the sympathy if you can. Cops in attendance? Remind them while you are speaking it is constitutionally speech you are engaging in but you sure do not want any  trouble. This lets them know you are engaged enough to get a lawyer if they screw with you and your constitutionally protected speech. That is still no guarantee they will follow the law. With that said if we as an organization attend the campaign meetings for both sides , R & D, we cannot help but have an influence on the election. Every time you ask for a show of hands and you get near 50% or better the politician begins to understand the medical cannabis position might not be destructive to their political career. If we as an organization can demonstrate the level of acceptance of medical cannabis in NC is around what the poll said, 62%, by a show of hands at their meetings we will rise above the "group of kooks & druggies" label we have now. When they see everyday citizens voicing support for medical cannabis they will notice. Get them on record and keep after them at the meetings because politicians have a short memory for any idea not their own. Be polite!!! You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. You're standing up at the meeting and speaking for medical cannabis just might give hope and the nerve to some of the folks in the room. We have support across all party affiliations in the general public.The democrats say they support medical cannabis. At the GOP convention here in Charlotte we were welcomed by factions of the republican party. They were wanting to see more people stand behind us to help move the republican party toward medical cannabis acceptance. The democrats support us, the republicans want to see how deep our support is. The bigger the support in the politicians local communities the faster we will see medical cannabis happen. Right now we have 1420 members. That works out to 14 members per county average. We are spread all over NC. All politics is local so that is where we need to start. Right where you live. Start a group in your town or county. Go on site at NCCPN and announce when you are going to meetings and ask for local folks to come on down and help. Find ways to reach out to everyone in your area to bring them into the conversation. Know your facts so you are ready to shoot down any of the false information put out by the government. You do not even have to know it all. Tell them you will gladly get back to them with the info you do not currently have at your fingertips, and then follow through. Call them with the information and get to the next meeting to tell them again in front of an audience. We do have the silent support of over half of the citizens of NC. We need your help to make them vocal. Can you rise above the fear? Start the Conversation in your area today!


+2 #2 perryp 2013-12-08 07:35
Have YOU done YOUR part?
Many people work to make this site a place to keep up with Cannabis news.
If you read and do not respond, it goes un-noticed. If you read and make a response, it is uplifting and makes us want to work harder.
Please, do everything you can to make this war a "war of the past".
+2 #1 Rasta Vision 2013-12-06 06:18
Great post Tom.We need everyone to help!!!

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