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International Drug Reform Conference

The recent DPA conference in Denver was an eyeopener. There were over 1000 participants and the program was 68 pages long; interest from all over the world. Some of the less known groups attending and presenting were parents, spouses, and survivors of those ensnared in the drug war.

Many of the links to the presentations in Denver are posted on the website here. They are worth the time to view..Ethan Nadelman's opening remarks in the plenary session were superb and connected with me in a new way. While we at nccpn are fighting to have access to Cannabis for medicinal use, we need to remember the total costs of the war on drugs is not just denying natural medicine to sick people, it is the HARM that is inflicted on the victims of that war. It is, in total, a war on Social Justice.

To that recognition, I propose the following to all members and visitors who visit this site. Should we continue the fight for the "medical need" only, or should we fight the "prohibition that results in the denial to all who want or need it".

I say this because I was told that including the "legalization movement" in with our "need" would result in a longer wait for the law to change. As one whol views each day as a day too long, we obliged the leadership Republicans with a "strict medical bill".

After much work on many people's part, the new HB 84 intoduction was sent immediately to the "rules committee". Read "dead-on-arrival".

Not to be discouraged, our members and supporters sent and called legislators for an honest hearing. We were immedicately offered a "hearing".

As the last plea left the lips of a medical doctor asking for an alternative to his narcotics that were "not only killing him; they no longer provided relief for his disabling pain", Rep Paul Stam not only "killed the bill, he threw it on the floor and stomped on it".

If this is what we get for complying with their demands, I ask you: "What more can we lose by working with EVERYONE who has an objective to change an Immoral and Unjust Law?" I would venture to say we gain more than we lose.

An important part of this discussion is the harm that goes un-noticed by the "public". Let us know what you think...

If you are afraid that you are being watched; let me assure you that you are. At the same time, we are less and less likely to stand by as this war continues beyond it's public support. It is the politicians who have not yet gotten it, not the public. Let us enlighten them and encourage them to join us. If you still think they will arrest you for speaking out, I invite you to watch WITN interview with our President, Tom Harper.

Leave a comment about your thoughts..or at least join the forum..


#17 carolinatom 2013-11-20 15:28
Thanks Perry for the effort you put out for MMJ. Your question deserves serious consideration. The fact is we are already lumped together with the legalization movement in the eyes of the politicians. Can we bring the public up to speed on the benefits of legalization and raise the poll numbers? Good subject to talk about.
#16 DaveDeRose77 2013-11-18 20:36
I wasn't talking about Medical Marijuana. And yes you didn't see it coming that they were going to stop the growing to increase their profits? Hence the reason legalization needs to happen and medical marijuana is just a scam to get more of people's money. MMJ isn't even an issue anymore because the 21 states that have it shows it's a scam. If people want their MMJ then legalize it in a state grow 6 plants of what ever strain you need and live happily ever after. :)
#15 gashouswidow 2013-11-18 20:25
I don't think so. check the last few states that have allowed medical marijuana and see who is allowing home grows. Maybe you need to do some more reading. Maybe this post will help you out.
#14 DaveDeRose77 2013-11-18 13:04
"A lot of the newer states to allow marijuana have not allowed home grows, so you have to buy from them"
10 Things to Know about Colorado’s New Legal Marijuana Rules
10.Growing and Purchasing Limits - Adults over 21 can grow up to six plants or buy up to one ounce of pot in retail stores. Medical patients can buy up to two ounces. Out-of-state visitors would be limited to one-fourth of an ounce per retail transaction, though they could legally possess the full ounce. They cannot take it home with them.
If marijuana was legalized and you couldn't grow it how could it be legal?

The restriction for legalization will come into effect soon to where they won't allow us to grow it. Will the people do that? No, The politicians and big pham will do that for us with no fight from the masses the same way marijuana was made illegal in the first place. This is all a game to them with them making the biggest profits no matter how this all turns out.
#13 gashouswidow 2013-11-18 10:30
Good read about Washington I 502 and medical patients
#12 gashouswidow 2013-11-18 10:01
A lot of the newer states to allow marijuana have not allowed home grows, so you have to buy from them.
#11 DaveDeRose77 2013-11-17 20:39
If marijuana were fed legal then you could grow marijuana because it would be legalized. There is no argument around this fact and the taxation of marijuana would only come from those who choose to buy the product instead of growing it themselves. There are laws in place now that restrict the amount of things you can grow and marijuana would fall under those laws. We don’t need any half ass legalization laws that will continue to jail people for carrying reasonable amounts. They had their turn with marijuana and they lied, stole, and destroyed our freedom for their profits. Now it’s our turn.
+1 #10 gashouswidow 2013-11-17 18:44
I'm for the legalization of marijuana but I think it should include industrial hemp, a taxed adult recreational market and Medical Marijuana all in one bill. This would cover most everyone. Let's do it right in NC, for a change.
#9 gashouswidow 2013-11-17 18:19
That's good, the way it should be. No Tax on MMJ.
#8 DaveDeRose77 2013-11-17 16:55
At current prices in Seattle it was $10 per gram. A 1/4 is $70 and a 50% tax would bring it to an east coast ptice of a $105. GW pharm would charge 5 times as much just in cost and I'm not sure how long their inhalers last. Once you take the power from the people to use cannabis you have only their money left to take.

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