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Hey! all you members and visitors, cheer up, we are winning!


The war is not yet won, but we are now in the majority at 52%!

How much of that is due to your effort?

Did you recruit a new member?

Did you discuss the topic of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's special on "Weed" at your Sunday school class?

Did you mention the Parade Magazine Cover of Dr Gupta and his acknowledgement that "Marijuana works when other drugs fail"?

If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations, YOU are an 'advocate'... a 'warrior in the war on drugs', a loyal "HUMAN BEING,"


Today, the Richmond County Daily Journal (OUR ADVOCATE) again published an article on our fight. This one ('') talks about a local advocate is going to an "International Conference on Drug Reform" in Denver Colorado. They have really become a help to our cause since I began this fight. I hope you will acknowledge this by going to their web site and making a comment on the article. Whenever they receive calls or emails about a story, it tells them they are covering a story of local (and national) interest. PLease leave your comment with the paper.

Also, FYI, Tom is working overtime to educate people in his sphere of influence. You can do the same...




#2 robertjnels 2013-11-19 10:20
I can't tell you how many times they have received letters and emails from me! When they get a letter or email with my name on they probably just throw it away cause they know what it says!
How are coming up with the majority vote? No one had ever asked me in a poll if I thought marijuana should be legalized! They need to come to the mountains of NC! Come up here and see how fast the 52% rises! Haha
+1 #1 gashouswidow 2013-10-16 21:28
Hope you all have a great time in Denver! Enjoy plenty of legal meds while there. One day we will be enjoying them here!
I have a some Elway and Peyton jerseys if you need them. :-)

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