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 All Right! We have some folks willing to write a letter to their legislators. Write or print on plain paper. Give yourslf a title after your name. I will be Tom Harper   Fibromyalgia patient.

Things to do:

  • Your legislators like to hear opinions from home and want to be kept informed of conditions in the district. Base your letter on your own experience and obervations.
  • If writing about a specific bill, describe it by number or it's popular name.Your legislators have thousands of bills before them in the course of a year and cannot always take time to figure out which one you are referring to.
  • They appreciate well thought out letters that present a definite position.
  • Even more important to them is a concrete statement of the reasons for your position - particularity if you are writing about a field in which you have specialized knowledge. Representatives have to vote on many matters with which they have had little to no first-hand experience. Some of the most valuable information they recieve comes from facts presented in letters from people who have knowledge in the field.
  • Short letters are almost always best. Members of Congress recieve many letters each day, and a long one may not as prompt a reading as a brief statement.
  • Letters should be timed to arrive while the issue is alive. Members of the committee considering the bill will appreciate having your views while the bill is ripe for study and action.
  • Remember to follow through with a thank-you letter.


Things to avoid:

  • Letters that demand votes for or against a certain bill without giving any reasoning are not very influential.
  • Threats of defeat at the next election are not effective.
  • Boasts of how influential the writer is are not helpful.
  • Do notask for a vote commitment on a paticula bill before the committee in charge of the subject has had a chance to hear the evedience and make it's report.
  • Form letters or letters that include excerpts from other letters on the same subject are not as influential as a simple letter drawing on your own experience.
  • Congressional courtesy requires legislators to refer letters from non-constituents to the proper offices, so you should generally confine your letter writing to members of your states delegation or members of the committee specifically considering a bill.
  • Do not engage in letter writing overkill. Quality , not quantity, is what counts.


"Sincerely yours" is in good taste as a complimentary close. Remember to sign your given name and surname. If you use a title in your signature, be sure to enclose it in parentheses.


  Thanks to the guys that responded to the letter writing campaign. I have the above information from the American Library Association as a guide , not like rules. Write to the best of your ability. Just write when the time comes. I will pck out a time and subject to write on soon. Anyone that wants to join us can just write a letter in the same time frame as the rest of us to increase our impact.


#1 gashouswidow 2013-10-16 21:22
Thanks Tom. I'll start working on mine.

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