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I have been concentrating on educational rallies to take the good news of medical cannabis to people on the streets of Charlotte this summer. Fall is here with colder temperatures on the way. Now is a great time to talk about other types of activism to push our cause along. Writing your Legislators today is easy with e-mail and the internet speeding messages to and fro. Email is fast and a very efficient mode of communication. Sending a letter by mail is considered old fashioned & slow by many today. Hand written letters are becoming a thing out of the past. Most politicians I know live in the past so hand writing them a letter is something they will notice and read. Typed out, hand signed mailed letters rank next in gaining notice. Do not discount e-mail since it is the future of communication. Everybody knows the trouble and expense of writing and mailing letters. The Representative you are writing to will often feel the hand written or a typed signed letter is more important than your e-mail because you took the time and trouble involved to get that letter there. When you write be polite and to the point. Talk about your medical need briefly and ask directly for medical cannabis to be legalized in NC.

1 hand written letter will get noticed by our representatives. A multitude of hand written letters arriving in the same week will let them know there is more than a few of us out here asking for medical cannabis for North Carolina. We could have a coordinated letter writing campaign where everyone sends their letter on the same day. Our State representatives are not in session right now but the US representatives are still available to practice on. Sign up in the comments section if you can help. We will write the letters in October .

Do not worry about your writing abilities. Just be yourself. Be sure to tell of your troubles, ask for medical cannabis in NC and be polite. Please


+2 #6 Kevin 2013-10-07 12:08
Perry Tom Hi Kevin here remember Us Barb and I sorry been out of touch for awhile but real glad to see you two as always giving your all. I put my phone number on site and sorry bro but never once did any one from any part ever call and try to involve me. I have and still call DC and complain I also tell everyone the advantagess of MJ and what it has help me in the past( many Opiade addiction) I pray each day for everyone fighting the Battle. I just cant understand our government They constently do the opposite of what the citizens want. Now with the Government shut down Sorry no one to read the letters. Great idea Tom I'm in just hollar at me Honest I try to give extra cash when Its there I try to keep giving the words of faith Anyway L8terZ
+2 #5 perryp 2013-10-04 09:44
We have 431 guest on line..keep the faith. We are under 100 dollars in the bank account and our web master, who has DONATED untold unpaid time to the effort is now a new father with additional expenses. I am working to try and secure some finamcing for our efforts.
Not much has been shared but we are definitely working to find a way to reintroduce something to change this %^UI Law.
Please encourage everyone to get involved spreading the word.
JOIN US, become an NCCPN member and be vocal to everyone about it; you'll be surprised at the response.
#4 kushed74 2013-10-01 22:05
Were do send letters for the legalization of medical marijuana in North Carolina.Member in need!!
+1 #3 perryp 2013-09-27 06:54
For those of you who don't have time to work and rally, this is YOUR OPPORTUNITY. As Tom said, it is not the flowery words that make the impact; it is the fact that YOU TOOK TIME to let them know you are upset and want a change.
Please, it only take a few minutes and a stamp. You'll be glad you did it.
+1 #2 Queen Bee 2013-09-25 16:07
Great idea, Tom!
+1 #1 BrandonC317 2013-09-25 11:50
Im interested in the writing campaign.

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