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What is going on in North Carolina in regards to Medical Marijuana these days?  The forces of evil (us) have been put down for this legislative session by the forces of good (them).  The claim of "harassment"by the previously unknown Paul Stam along with the unfavorable rating from the GOP leaders has had the effect the GOP wanted. NCCPN, while still growing, has lost it's loud voice. The voice we get from 1000's of individuals calling & emailing asking for that simple and Moral law change. I guess their strategy worked just fine. Our failure was our optimism that truth would prevail. This also helped the Chapter leaders to fail to create activities to keep the interest up after the bill was shot down. Our website forum traffic & posts are being generated by a relative handful of people compared to back then. I am extremely grateful for their passion. NCCPN as a group can do better next time if the members are willing to do some grunt work now. If not the next bill will be shot down since there is no political price to pay.

Polls show wide support for Medical Marijuana in North Carolina. The public is being educated about MMJ on television. I have seen the results. One lady I talked to acted like she knew nothing about marijuana for the first few minutes of our conversation. When she believed I was not a cop she opened up about all she knew from the tv shows. The public has some education on the subject of MMJ but they are afraid to speak out to anyone they do not personally know. You know, like a police state. The major Religions support MMJ in general but will leave it to the conscience of the preacher. Conspicuously quiet support is like no help at all.

Are things really that bad in NC and the Nation? Do you need to fear the local police? I believe that answers changes with the police in the area. Asset forfeiture has put some police departments in some areas in charge of their own funding.Some units are possibly under pressure to help fund their budget this way.There are ticket quotas for traffic cops. Surely narcotics division can help fund their budget this way. Asset forfeiture is a travesty against the constitution and should be dismantled nationwide. Constitutional protections are too important to give up just to punish possible drug offenders. Where I live the cops may not like my MMJ signs and bumper stickers but they leave me alone. I follow the traffic laws so their ability to interact with me is limited to my discretion. I love those dash cams! Helps cut down on some cop's dishonesty. Folks that grow for themselves really have little to fear if they keep their mouth closed about their grow and do not sell. Their biggest fear is a fire, break-in or other emergency that brings local authorities into their home. Our freedoms have been eroded by the state and local government in favor of the drug war + the war on terror, but not so far that i live in constant fear of exposure and arrest for marijuana for my Fibromyalgia. Things probably work differently if you have a prior record.

Things are really hopping at the federal level. Senator Patric Leahy and others are starting to ask the right questions. MMJ is legal in 20 States, Marijuana is legal in 2 states and the Justice Department is coming under increasing pressure from Senators & House members to let the states work this issue out. Big pharmaceuticals & alcohol interests still make big donations to influence lawmakers opinion but State based grassroots organizations have been the driving force behind the law changes in 22 states + D.C. Why not here???  Our state officials are afraid the feds will lock up state government workers for their lawful ( in state eyes) involvement in the drug trade. How silly can you get! Thats their excuse and ther are sticking with it for now.

Constitutional protections are alive and well for the protester in this country and state. Freedom of speech has taken some hits lately but the right to protest is held dear by the President. These are the very laws we have to use to our advantage if we plan on ever having Medical Marijuana in North Carolina. We as individuals and as a group must stand up and be counted as thost who worked for the right thing in North Carolina.

Remember; You can't win if you don't play.


+2 #11 Jason 2013-08-30 10:28
Tom,you just hit the nail on the head.
Thank you for all of your hard work!!
+3 #10 perryp 2013-08-30 08:06
Right on Tom.
Please go to "yourdailyjourn" and look for the article two days ago..front page on the hearing requested by Sen Leahy. Please go and comment on the article. Should have put this up yesterday.
Lots of movement that is happening behind the scenes. Please keep eally start working for our success.
+4 #9 Rasta Vision 2013-08-30 03:36
Nick,here in NC we can't do anything until 2015. :sad:
+3 #8 luna 2013-08-30 00:53
Shared on the Facebook page ( ) - already nearing 100 views, whoohoo! :)
+4 #7 gashouswidow 2013-08-29 21:48
If we don't stand up and fight this unjust law and lawmakers things will never change in NC. And big Pharma, Tobacco and Alcohol will always control this state. I'm tired of this. HOW ABOUT YOU?
+5 #6 nick 2013-08-29 21:09
Is there any loophole to get around HB 84's unfavorable report now since the DOJ and Holder released a statement on state's rights to have cannabis?? Or is that just Colorado and Washington?
+4 #5 Alex 2013-08-29 20:24
Big Pharma.+ Tobacco and Alcohol beats out Medical Cannabis in this state!
This is a back ass state people aught to know this by now!
Were going back in Time, not Forward!!
What a shame, fields of Tobacco that could be Cannabis or Hemp, and Oh soooooo much safer!!
Thanks Howard!
+3 #4 wannabpainfree 2013-08-29 20:09
Shoot I'm ready to play and play hard I will and I'm going to play in Hickory and Ashville how about anybody else wanna play with me? Thanks Tom.
+4 #3 gashouswidow 2013-08-29 18:40
Thanks Tom. I agree 100%. Come on out and spread the word!
+5 #2 OkieSmokie 2013-08-29 14:00
Sounds like a good time to be calling our federal reps in Congress!

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