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 Hi Folks,
I do not know how I became the NCCPN President.  I am a reluctant chapter leader but really just a guy that that wants better for those coming after me. How did this happen???!!!
I joined NCCPN for the same reason most of you are here.I was already useing Marijuana as medicine for my fibromyalgia pain when I went looking onlline for a group advocating for MMJ in NC. Pickings were slim at that time but NCCPN did pop up so I joined up. I read all the info on the site and soon was adding things to the forum. I tried the chat room when it started up but I cannot keep up. My hunt and peck typing is slow. I kept wondering when something was going to happen in my area. Meggs then held a meeting in Cherokee. I thought "If Meggs can do it so can I". I started scheming on what to do to advance our cause. Money is always short when you are disabled. Vista Print sold me some buisnes cards at a reasonable cost and I started handing them out. That was enough for a month or two; handing out cards to people I spoke with about MMJ. I learned to make my cards without mentioning a bill number so the cards could be used next time around when the bill did not pass. I aske the wife if we could order a banner from Vista Print. We saved for 2 months for a $52 banner. I used the info about not making the cards with a bill number on the banner. I figured if I use the banner at least 3 times my wife would feel it was money well spent. So about a year ago the banner and I went to UNCC with my daughters and son-in-law for hlp. The walrus  stopped by to help for a bit and really got things going by telling use we need to break the concentration of the people we want to talk to by annoucning out loud why we were there. Next I set up outside a local cigarette store on a Friday arternoon. Every time I went out in public to ask for help getting MMJ for NC I kept having more fun than I thought I would. I woiuld be so excited after an event  I could hardly sleep that night. I did several events with my wife showing up after work to help. When I started taking pictures of what I was doing I got help from other excited members. They all agree this is more fun than anyone could believe. That majority of the folks we talk with know a little about MMJ but want access to more information. The education ralies spread the word to everyone that see us there with our signs. Curiosity is a prime mover of cats and people. Folks that come over get instant information while the folks passing by just might look later.
NC House Rep. Kelly Alexander had this to say "The problem in passing legislation in the South is that people are too afraid and too few people want to speak up. Too often people interested in drug policy changer are reluctant to be engaged on the front end." And "The first challenge is to get more people to speak up about the need to end the failed drug war and to get marijuana into the hands of people who can benefit from the plant. Currently the federal government's arm of cancer research -National Cancer Institute ( -states clearly that marijuana has cancer cell killing properties. The cat is totally out of the bag regarding the medicnal properties,but yet citizens still cower with the fear that speaking up will incriminate them, cause them to lose their job or become targeted as an illegal marijuana user."
I believe Marijuana used as a medicianal herb can mak the future brigher for people around the world. A medicine you can grow and process right at home that helps with many old and new illnesses will surely help folk's needless suffering. Look and remember the older generation that is quickly passing away. They were the last to have free access to cannabis as medicine. How many do you know that were never sick a day in their life and vigrous to the end. My Grandfather died at age 94 and as quite spry until the last few years of his life. He had roughly 30 years of cannabis meds before they were outlawed. The obvious residual effects helped him throughout his life.
The future of our movement to legalize Medical Marijuana in NC is in our hands.We still need to connect with our government representatives on a regular basis to ask for MMJ in NC. Perry has done a GREAT JOB of speaking to and informing the politicians in Raleigh. The truth is they already know all about MMJ if they care to find out. The news that most of the legislators have stories of kin that have used MMJ indicates how far our message has penetrated the general population. But when you are sick you will seek out relief. It is time for the NCCPN troops to get out and spread the word. Engage strangers in conversations that include MMJ. Spread the good news of MMJ to the eager ears of fellow sufferers. There are stamgers/potential allies out there waiting to hear from you. Help hold a rally in your area this month. Start doing somethig and others will help when they see you are serious. I would have a much harder time of things without Sydv's collaboration and help getting thigns done when I cannot function.
So here I am. I was having so much fun as a chapter leader passing out the great news of medical marijuana to the masses that someone thought I might be able to pull off being President.  I will try.     


#14 kjsddasa 2013-09-11 21:52
Thank you for continuing the movement, Tom! I haven't gotten to know you personally, but I'm fully aware of your vast efforts in this fight. You'll be a great leader, as Perry was.
+1 #13 Jchrist 2013-08-31 16:03
Hello everyone. I am interested in helping the cause. I have been doing online research on MMJ since April. I have been a chronic pain patient since 2001 and had my ninth leg surgery in May of last year. I am a disabled 37 year old part time carpentry teacher at a community college. I have been prescribed nearly every opioid med there is. I also have a neurostimulator implanted in my back used for pain in my right leg. I went through a "at home" opioid detox in March of this year. I now use cannabis on a daily basis and feel I have my life back. I have the full support of my pain doctor. I think I'm in a unique position to hopefully help the cause. I tried to keep it short and to the point, sorry for the grammar!
+4 #12 Kevin 2013-08-14 21:25
congrates Tom so glad too hear it was you whom took over for Perry. I pray for the legalization of Gods tree of Life so all who need her truth. Keep up the fight.
+3 #11 Queen Bee 2013-08-14 14:46
Congratulations Tom. Perry did a great job, and I know you will, too! I'm back in the state and ready to rejoin the fight :)
+4 #10 G2BNC 2013-08-08 15:40
Have y'all seen this yet? It's on USA Today and CNN. Airs this Sunday @ 8pm, I'm pretty excited. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, has changed his mind about medical marijuana.
+4 #9 Jason 2013-08-06 08:59
Perry be careful in Denver that you Don't Over Medicate have fun be safe.
+5 #8 perryp 2013-08-06 08:38
Great introduction Tom. I will always be available to help.
BTW, have been invited to DPA conference in Denver..Oct 23-27.
I will serve on two panels and they are paying airfare and hotels...Woopee .
+3 #7 Jason 2013-08-05 14:04
Hey Tom I put your name in when Perry said he would be stepping down. it was only a thought or so I thought lol.
Thanking you for accepting the job. if there is anything I can do to help just ask.
+4 #6 sydv 2013-08-05 12:56
Right on Tom. I'm in this for the long haul as well.
+6 #5 wannabpainfree 2013-08-04 11:49
Congratulations tom couldn't ask for a better leader I will support you and nccpn like I always try to do. Love hollaring on the coners of trade and tryon with u @ the rallies. Any thing i can do pm to help.

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