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We are working to get our new President up to speed and with front page authorization to post information. I have not had time to adequately address the progress we are making..New approved course for Health Care Professionals on the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS), maybe a chance for me to present at the DPA Conference in October in Denver. Others are working on various approaches to the problem. Please have patience as we work to keep everyone informed on our efforts to make NC a state of Compassion, like the other 18 (MAKE THAT 19) states so far.

IF YOU KNOW OF OUR FRIEND TODD'S OUTRAGEOUS TREATMENT BY THE GESTAPO POLICE TACTICS (AK47'S DRAWN ON HIS CHILDREN) IN THE SMALL TOWN NEAR HENDERSONVILLE, WE NEED TO MOBALIZE A RESPONSE. Todd tried to do everything right to make the truth about Cannabis known to the good people of this small town America. Ignorance is what killed Christ, and it is killing our families now. Join us in the fight...make your voice heard. For the full story, search for WLOS in Asheville.

On Monday, my wife and I attended the 12th Moral Monday event in Raleigh. It is uplifting to be around so many people with HUMAN traits; YOU NEED TO GO. It is a fertile ground to educate other people (tribes, as Richard calls them..a concept I am really enthused with) about this issue.

While we were there, I posed for a photo with Randy Voller, Chair of the NC Democratic Party, holding my sign. Should have a pic but hopefully one has already been posted somewhere. As we were finishing the photo on the Halifax Mall near the crossover bridge, to my great surprize, Rep Paul "Skip" Stam, accompanied by a really nice former House member Connie Wilson (now lobbist), came across approaching the Legislative Office Building. Seeing him, my PTSD button blew the fuse and I stepped in front of him, taking one step backwards as he took one forward, yelling at him and asking:



He replied he did not say that. I yelled that I HEARD YOU SAY THAT. The crowd was enjoying it and as we approached the building entrance, I asked if I dropped my sign (Big sign on tall stick that accused him and Speaker Tillis of lying) would he give me two minutes. He said yes and I dropped the sign and followed him and Connie into the building to the elevator, telling him of my plight from Duke hospital and the pills....WHY DO YOU WANT TO PUT ME IN JAIL FOR THAT?...He replied that his "pharmachists told him all he needed to know about pot medicine"...another pill, all I need!

I plan to call and apologize for the outburst and hope to have a civil meeting soon. Keep up the effort; join us if you are tired of being treated like a criminal. We are growing daily.



+2 #8 perryp 2013-07-27 15:24
Alex, may be worth a call to Stam's office. His Assistant has always been nice. Tell her the pills contain only synthetic THC, not CBD or the other many connabinoids that help.
+5 #7 Alex 2013-07-26 16:24
Thank You Perry, Very Brave!!
I take marinol, the supposed "Pot Pill", I can tell ya, it is not worth the money it cost, and it does not work a 1/4 as much as just mexigrass, which is not medical, but for apatite it is good, medical works great for spasms and pain, but who can get or afford that here in NC, and with marinol, 60 jelpills at $426 this is why they do not want Medical Cannabis!!
I know Medical Cannabis works, it has been 29 1/2yrs of pill after pill after pill with soo many reactions, and just some Cannabis with maybe the munchies and tiredness, would be soo much better on the body!
I will tell anyone this!!
+5 #6 HIGHlander 2013-07-25 11:27
Ask him why N.C. Pharmacists are different than the pharmicists from 1/2 of the other states?(opinion , expertise, knowledge) that recognize marijuana is the BEST pharmacological compounds that exist, albeit PURELY natural, 100% organic.

Ask him if his pharmacist decided this under the influence of narcotic pills?
+8 #5 gashouswidow 2013-07-24 17:38
Thanks Perry! Wish I had been there to see it. Great post FarmerGreen 420!
+11 #4 FarmerGreen420 2013-07-24 16:35
Thank You Mr. Parks for all you do. I read this and it just infuriates me that this PHARMACIST is what Mr. Stam based his absolute opinion of Medical Marijuana on. :-? Who is this pharmacist and is his opinion the opinion of ALL pharmacists in this state? Does NC have a Pharmocological Board? :-| Is this their "official" position on the subject? :-| Mr. Stam is just passing the buck and if he based his opinion of Medical Marijuana on the words of ONE SINGLE PHARMACIST then he is just plain ignorant. :-* There are literally THOUSANDS of scientific FACTS and PROOF of marijuana as medicine and Mr. Stam based the health and well being of ALL NC Citizens on what HIS Pharmacist said??? :eek: Thats plain BULLSHIT and someone should call him AND his Pharmacist OUT on it....Is it right that 1 pharmacists opinion dictates what is best for ALL NC citizens? I bet there are thousands of pharmacists that would DISAGREE with Mr. Skip Stams pharmacist... :-*
+7 #3 Peter 2013-07-24 14:56
GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER P, and thank you Tom for taking on so much responsibility and work,we are all grateful.
+7 #2 sydv 2013-07-24 14:46
Right on Perry. I have found myself getting a little over excited in situations like that too. This is a very emotional issue for us. Don't let it get to you man. And I'll guaranty you that the pharmacist knows all about the medical benefits of cannabis, but why should he admit it when he can make so much money from the pharm companies.
+8 #1 Jason 2013-07-24 14:16
Perry get The Name of his pharmacist and we will Educate him too.

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