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I have just spent almost an hour before I hit the wrong key..oops..

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On Friday evening, I received a notice that the Democratic Candidates for Governor (3) would


Due to family medical situation, have been unable to report on the meeting in Statesville. In a


Hey guys, spoke with Kelly yesterday..He will arrive NLT 2 PM. Latest estimate is around 25


Hello All:

It would be very helpful if people planning to attend the meeting Saturday in


I am really looking forward to our meeting in Statesville this weekend. Please make every effort to


On Monday night, we had a standing room only crowd for the panel debate. I was late..left the GPS


We have made the print media again..and again, the one newspaper with the courage to print the


Things are happening at such a frantic pace that it is difficult to keep everyone up to speed.   WHO



There is a petition created by Rep Kelly Alexander that has the potential to catch




Those who know me know that I am often “overly optimistic” when I report on the state of our


{jcomments on}Exciting News..We are making progress and I am asking you to redouble your efforts. We


This weekend, we will meet face to face and plan for the upcoming legislative battle to make the


I keep thinking I will have time to sit and write a really detailed account of how we are to


Sorry about the delay. I will be posting bullets of actions we need to consider for next time;


Thanks to Ben and a little luck, we are again preparing to make NC a green state. Spread the word,


I have been reluctant to post on the front page because the videos of the educational session were

Now is the time to get started on identifying mmj friendly candidates for 2012 election. If you know

Latest Ideas

Survey the medical community

"Let's survey the medical community to gather their opinions on medicinal marijuana."... Read more

- Posted on 01.11.2015 10:28

Live Music to help the cause

"Am a Musician , and I have a Idea, if we can get many musicians to get together and have a day event and get more people sign up and that could get the word out on some things we could use for getting"... Read more

- Posted on 01.09.2015 20:10


"Hi everybody! Well, I don't know if it might conflict with the non-profit designation, but couldn't we use our talents to create rewards for supporter? I mean, I've pledged just $1 for a post-it s"... Read more

- Posted on 06.08.2015 09:16

Public showing at Judiciary I committee meeting

"HB78 is in the Judiciary committee right now, and if it passes there, goes on to the Health committee and then the appropriations, heath and finance. It has to go through all of these! I met with my h"... Read more

- Posted on 19.03.2015 14:30

Join Community efforts for NCCPN

"We have members all over NC now so this idea can help NCCPN while you help your community. Most towns have civic organizations that periodically have a drive to help out in the community. We see food "... Read more

- Posted on 29.06.2014 11:42

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