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Yesterday, the NC Democratic Party held it's annual meeting at the Raleigh Convention Center. There were about 5-600 delegates from all 100 counties, including Lee and Liz Porter and myself. I am pleased to report that a resolution in full support of nccpn's position on Cannabis Law Reform, authored by the Porters, passed without ANY OPPOSITION! There were 4 resolutions in the Criminal Justice and the Courts and the other three were all contested. Things have definitely changed in our direction and I believe we (all parties working to make this happen) can take credit for this transformtion in NC citizens attitudes toward the plant.

The resolution reads:

"NOW; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the NC Democratic Party urge out elected representatives, our candidates, and our platform reflect the will of the people and reform North Carolina and US marijuana and drug laws. First steps should be the immedicate end of prosecution of medical users of marijuana as well as funding and staffing the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission of 2006 to insure this effort moves forward.

AND WE ARE FURTHER RESOLVED to see the passage of federal and state regulation that will regulate cannabis in a workable distribution model, similar to those used to control alcohol. Until such time that cannabis can be a regulated, legal substance in North Carolina, we urge that enforcement of marijuana laws in North Carolina be A lowest law enforcement priority."

When you call your legislator, if they are democrat, ask them to abide by our wishes (I wish it were demand, not ask). The people have spoken, and we are unified in our resolve. Now, do your part and call your legislator and remind them of our priorities.

Thanks to all who work to make this organization "work". We are better organized this year, and we are finally a "part of the process to make this change happen." Look for chances to help, and PILE ON.

If you are so inclined, please join us for the Moral Monday Marches. Rev. Barber has been advised of our mission and he personally told me that he has "veted our cause" and I think we may even be allowed to make our cause heard at these events.


27 Dedicated members of nccpn met in Rockingham on Saturday for a day of celebration and organization for the upcoming fight to make cannabis legal. We voted on a new constitution and bylaws and elected several new members to new positions.More on this later, but for now, we have an urgent request for EACH ONE OF YOU.

HB 1161 calls for a constitutional amendment to allow NC voters to have a say in legalizing cannabis. Most of you have seen the news about the florida amanement in support of cannabis and the changes they have made. NC does not allow for amendments, and this needs to change. Please go to the page with all members of the judicary committee (posted by Susan) and call them to request support for this amendment.

The move to send the amendment to a committee is a good move. In the past, the bills have gone directly to the rules committee. The fact that this one was sent to judicary is a step in the right direction. Now we need for them to hold hearings on this bill, and we need to have people in the room when they meet. Don't let them kill this without a fight.

New officers installed are:

Susan Ferris- Treasurer

Anne Harper- Secretary

Chris Wayne- 1st Vice President; Western NC/ Social Media Director

Stugoltz- Web Moderator

Tom Harper remains President and Perry Parks is Executive Director (non-paid).

Membership- Several positions open for membership activists. Part of our discussion detailed an additional benefit for Platinum Level membership ($25 annual fee). These members will become membership activists and will carry nccpn business cards with this status. These cards will be used to intorduce these members and spread the word.

We received word that DPA, who we had hoped to receive a grant from, will not be granting money for NC. Liz Porter will continue to write grant request and we have identified new potential donor organizations. If you can contribute to nccpn without sacrificing your family, money is what makes the world go round and we need to go with them.

We have a suggestion to hold an educational session to review the information presented at the eighth clinical conference on therapeutic use of cannabis. I think this would be very useful and will see if Dr. Lee Porter will head this up We may even think of using the auditorium outside the houlse chambers.

On Tuesday morning, I will be headed to Raleigh to meet with Rev Barber about the moral monday meetings upcoming. I hope to persuade him to give us a platform to highlight our issue and the fact that it has been used as a tool to persecute the poor. More on this later. If you can join us for the march, we hope to march together.

I think everyone enjoyed the privacy and natural beauty of our property. It is available any time and all of you have personal invitations to come and enjoy the waterfall.

Saturday, several members will be traveling to Asheville to gather signatures for Ben Scales to be placed on the ballot for District Attorney in Buncome County. As you know, Ben is the Hemp Lawyer and would be a terrific win for us. He needs about 6500 signatures and so far has over 3000. We must get these remaining signatures before June 12th.

IF THERE IS ANYWAY YOU CAN DONATE TIME TO WORK FOR BEN, call me at 910.995.0413. Especially those in the western part of the state. This is one of the most important tasks nccpn has taken on and a chance to really make a difference.

Membership is growing daily. We have passed 1650 and working towards 1700. We will make a difference this time.

Keep Fighting and call the members of the judicary committee.


First, I want to thank the all people who have contributed to our growth; unfortunately, computers don't count that you know who you are and my hat is off to you! Secondly, I hope you will show up for the 420 celebration on Saturday in Charlotte and most importantly. the (re) organization of nccpn. We (1617 members and thousands of visitors) have become somebody. Given that, if we can really make this a priority event in OUR life this coming Saturday, we WILL have a crowd. Crowds make news! Can we make a crowd? (More about the charlotte press at the bottom).

Speaking of crowds, how about airplanes and banners celebrating along with us! That's right, just spoke with veteran Robert Dorr. He has donated from the heart and the wallet. We will have, NOT ONE, but TWO airplanes circling overhead during our celebration. I have been told that banners announcing our efforts will be towed behind the airplanes...WBT will cover the event for Robert. Another strong reason to be there Saturday.

If ever there was momentum in the cannabis movement, it is now. If you are a veteran of the war on drugs, you already know that. If you are a victim of this war, hang-on, justice is arriving, slowly but surely. Now is the time to recommit to the human race.

In the early years of nccpn, it was not a matter of being elected, it was a matter of 'who will do this?'. Along the way, we struggled to survive. Now, we actually have some donations but they still need to be tabulated; hoping the new secretary can help with this. President Tom Harper has informed me that Queen Bee, a frequent poster with considerable skills, is considering the challenge. This will be one position that is appointed on Saturday. For the other positions, we will consider the constitution and by-laws. If possible, I hope Queen Bee may be able to posts both documents. They are old and need to be revisited along with new people to be THERE! please

There are so many other things that we need to discuss and Saturday is so close, you will have to wait.

Why Charlotte? Because it is the home of our oposition...Thom Tillis and his cronies..and because it is NC's largest city. I have learned that Rep. Robert Pittinger's family pulls the strings in the Charlotte paper pay to play city news. There is a concerted effort to suppress ANY positive news about cannabis, beginning with the first passage of an amendment supporting medicinal use of cannabis by the Democratic Party State Executive Committe in 1999 (no mention in the Observer) and lastly, the article published by their Washington Bureau which appeared in several of their (McClatchy) owned papers. It was even printed in the military paper, "The Stars and Stripes". What about a hometown guy in their circulation area who is photographed by their papers while the president turns, points and comes over for a handshake before his speech? Was that photo, with a caption by their reporter about the incident, news-worthy in the guys hometown paper (Charlotte Observer).

If you want to cause more excitement, RSVP on the front page along with others in your group.


What an exciting time to be involved in the cannabis fight. The research is proving to be the one area where the 'prohibitionist' are being trampled. They cannot even respond to what has been learned 2 years ago, much less the tital wave of new information about the endo-cannabinoid system.

For those not familiar with Patients Out of Time (POT), it is an organization formed by Al Byrne (Navy Lt Commander, retired) and ML Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN. The purpose was to educate health care professionals in the art of Cannabis Medicine and these conferences serve as continuing education (AMA  Approved) for these professionals. They are conducted every other year. I have attended the past three conferences and highly recommend it to anyone able to attend. It is the end-all for these folks with a world wide credentialed faculty.

The focus this year was "The Endocannabinoid System and Age Related Illnesses". NC was well represented by nccpn Medical Director Kevin Baiko, Dr. and Mrs Lee Porter, my wife and I. What we didn't anticipate was several other NC folks from Wake Forest University and RTI (research triangle park) who presented at the conference. I was particularily pleased to hear Allyn Howlett (PhD) who discovered the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the late 70s. This in turn led to Dr. Mechoulam's discovery of Anandamide (derived from the sanscrit word for bliss) and 2-AG which binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. This is where the rubber meets the road and was a great learning opportunity.

Currently. Ms Howlett and other researchers are involved in describing two additional receptors, GPR55 and GPR18. By blocking CB1 and  CB2 receptors in mice, the effects of cannabinoids were still found in the mice. Unravelling exactly how these work is ongoing and promising research and I assure you, above my paygrade.

BTW, the first presentation was by David Allen, MD. He presented evidence of the "repression of scientific knowledge" about the plant. This helps explain why when you describe some incredible research, eveyone is amazed and the common reaction is: "If it really is that incredible, why have we not seen it in the news?" Best answer is: "money talks", and the money aint happy with all this incredible news. (my thoughts)

Also, as you know, NIDA pays for this research so, the majority of the studies (94%) that are funded must "deal with the evil news about cannabis". The remaining 6% for good news. What we learned is that, regardless of the bad news, the fact that 'cannabis' is medicine has been a side effect well demonstrated in these trials; It cannot be denied. We are working with Ben Scales, attorney for Robert Dorr, to see if there can be positive studies to support his court fight that could be supponoaned.

I will speak about the conference at the nccpn reorganization and update meeting planned for the 24th of May. This is an important meeting for our work going forward. Delegation of tasks and jobs will be discussed, along with an updated constitution and bylaws. I realize this is Memorial Day weekend and it is somewhat late for planning but if too many people are affected, we could make alternate arrangements. Please, please, please...someone start a list of attendees planning to attend. If you can make it, RSVP on the site so we can plan lunch. It will be sandwiches but still need a 'guestimate'.

Thanks and hope you will join us at the waterfall for a day of information and fun. Call if you have something urgent to discuss or recommendations for the event.

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